raw cashew nuts

Raw Cashew Nuts are processed in special factories to extract the Cashew white kernels, which is widely consumed across the world.

Global Raw Cashew Nut trade is valued at over USD 6 Bn with an estimated 3.5 Mn MT production in 2018. Almost 45% of the production, which is 1.6 Mn MT is in West Africa, in countries like Cote’d Ivoire, Nigeria, Benin, Gambia, Senegal, Guinea Bissau & Burkina Faso. Other regions which are major producers include East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique), South East Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia), India & South America (Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, etc.)

Since 2014, we have been creating value for our customers & the local community and built on our reputation as trustworthy and high quality in the raw cashew nut industry. We operate an origination trading model in Raw Cashew Nuts and export various varieties and quality as per our customers’ requirements. We source our Cashew Nuts directly from the farmers and villages of Nigeria and Benin collaborating and working with the local community throughout the procurement process. We have our own logistics, warehouses and drying operations in these countries allowing us to timely deliver high quality cashew nuts as per the expectations of our overseas customers & processors based in South-East Asia & India.

Origin: Nigeria, Benin
Sales Destination: India, Vietnam