Rice is one of the most widely consumed staple food globally, particularly in Asia and certain parts of Africa.

Rice has the 3rd highest production of all crops globally and the largest volumes are grown in Southeast Asia & South Asia. The Global Rice trade in 2017 was valued at over $21.5 Bn out of which Africa imported 26% and the Middle East around 15%.

We sell over 15 different rice varieties across different types such as Basmati rice, Fragrant rice, Parboiled rice, White rice & Brown rice across Africa and Middle-East Market.


Our rice has been titillating the taste buds of consumers for several years commanding great loyalty and love. For more than 10 years, our rice has been one of the bestsellers and the go-to rice brand for the people of Ghana. We recently added Iraq to our portfolio of rice import destinations in 2018. The large sales volumes are supported with an extensive shipping, warehousing and sales network in these countries. Our experience in bulk vessel and containerized imports of different varieties of rice sourced from India, Thailand and Vietnam allow us to keep up with the growing demand of rice in the region. Our supplier network for rice exports maintain the highest quality and safety standard in their production processes

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