sesame seeds

Sesame is very popular oil seed widely consumed in Asian Countries and the Middle East. Its popularity is now also growing in the European and American markets given the awareness about its health benefits and taste.

Sesame is used to produce hummus, tahini, toppings on sushi, confectionery, and other health foods. Global sesame production in 2017 was estimated as 4.6 Mn MT. An estimated 7.5% of global production was in Nigeria & over 15% in North East Africa. The major exporting destination sesame are China, Japan, India, and Singapore. Europe is emerging as another market for sesame seeds with the increasing health awareness and change in diet pattern among the European consumers.

Since 2016, we have been creating trust and value for our customers and the local community through the supply of high-quality sesame seed. Our sesame is sourced directly from the farmgates of Nigeria and regions of North-East Africa. We have our warehousing, mechanical cleaning, inland logistics and shipping facilities to facilitate supply to our customers. Our warehousing and inland logistics facilities in Turkey have enabled our customers to buy goods readily in stock in our warehouses. This is has allowed us to ensure consistent supply of quality sesame seed for our customers.

Origin: Nigeria, North-East Africa
Sales Destination: China, India, Turkey, GCC, Vietnam