• Create social impact through our excellence in Supply Chain
  • Generate goodwill and value for all our stakeholders – employees, contractors, clients, suppliers and the local community.
  • Keep ourselves up-to-date with the changing industry trends to grow sustainably
  • Build PJS into a globally renowned conglomerate


To become a globally renowned conglomerate in terms of our geographic footprint and product portfolio by leveraging our excellence in supply chain.



Excellence in quality is of utmost importance to us. We focus on this aspect with the help of our stringent Supply Chain and Manufacturing practices, in order to provide the best standards of goods and services with zero tolerance policy towards mediocrity.


We make sure to nurture our employees as well as our customers to acquire the passion of achieving greater heights in the industry. With the essence of sustainable development, we utilise our skills and efforts in order to uplift or encourage the society as well as the local economy.


To achieve certain goals, a person always requires a source through which his/her ambitions can be channelised. At PJS, we take responsibility for being that particular source of aspiration for all the societies, to become self sustained and more viable economically.


Trust is like a stepping stone of belief or reliability, which matters the most when it comes to business partners, customers or even employees. We ensure complete Trust and Equality in our profession and emphasize on a balanced approach to business wherein the economic values always work hand in hand with the social values.